Almost everyone has a birthmark. For most people, they are small and can be easily hidden under clothes. 3 in every 1,000 children are born with Port Wine stains, or PWS. These irregularly shaped red or purple splotches look as though someone threw wine on the sufferer. They can cover large areas of the face, neck, and upper body.

This vascular birthmark will not go away. Instead, it will grow with the child, becoming darker and potentially swelling into hard lumps that can lead to bleeding and infections. The With a port wine stain, the real you is hidden behind this distracting red mark.

Laser therapy can significantly lighten and even remove these disfiguring birthmarks. Precise wavelengths of light target the abnormal veins responsible for the condition. The marks are lightened or even completely removed through this process.

Because of the nature of this condition, better results come from early treatment. This safe procedure can be performed on any age, including infants and children. Since these marks grow larger and darker with age, best results are achieved with early treatment.

Our expert team will work with you to tailor treatment to your individual case. Depending on the specific situation, anesthesia may or may not be necessary. While some patients see improvement after one or two sessions, most patients will need a series of treatments to completely eliminate their port wine stains.

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