Laser Genesis is a unique, modern method of skin rejuvenation. This process can:

  • reduce pore size
  • smooth fine lines and wrinkles
  • tighten skin
  • reduce redness
  • correct pigmentation irregularities
  • even out skin tone
  • fade scars
  • stimulate collagen production

The medical grade laser passes harmlessly through the upper layers of the skin to heat the dermis. This stimulates natural collagen production and new skin cell growth. The tiny veins and capillaries responsible for facial redness are destroyed. You are left looking younger and healthier.

This treatment works for all skin types, making it an ideal option for anyone looking for healthy-looking skin. Anyone of any age can benefit from this innovative treatment. This precise treatment allows us to customize treatment plans to target the areas that you want to address.

This amazing process takes almost no time. Sessions usually last about 30 minutes. Many patients schedule an appointment during their lunch break. Because there is zero downtime with Laser Genesis, you can return to your normal daily activities the same day.

Side effects are mild and usually include redness that fades within a few hours.

On average, most patients will need 4-6 treatments to achieve optimal results. The results are usually seen around the mid-point in your treatment plan. You may even see immediate improvement after the first treatment as redness and facial veins are reduced.

Get the youthful, healthy skin with Laser Genesis skin rejuvenation. Contact us today to make an appointment for your complimentary consultation.

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