Venous lakes are large, soft vascular lesions. While most venous lakes occur on the lip, they can sometimes be found on the face or ears. Venous lakes occur when tiny blood vessels dilate, causing blood to pool. The result is a large dark blue or purple lesion.

While it isn’t clear what triggers these vascular lesions, it is believed to be associated with sun exposure. They are most common in people over 50.

It is possible to drain these papules, but the condition is likely to return. Traditional techniques for removal, such as surgical excision, can be painful and leave scarring and discoloration.

Laser treatment is a modern, highly effective treatment. The offending blood vessels are targeted with precise pulses of light. These abnormal veins are destroyed and reabsorbed into the body, leaving the surrounding skin and tissue untouched.

A proprietary cooling system will keep you safe and comfortable during the procedure. These is no need to use anesthesia, and you can return to your daily activities immediately.

The results of this treatment are fast. 94% of patients experience full recovery after only one session.

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